diy zipper pillow case

diy pillow cover

When we first got married we bought a few pillow forms with the intention of making our own covers for them… Because then our sofa could be cute and pillow-ee like the sofas you see in magazines or on Pinterest. Of course like the true procrastinators we tend to be, we didn’t do it right away. Instead, we put them in the closet and forgot about them for a while. Well, we moved and we now have a nice living room (because before we lived in a studio apartment and didn’t have a couch). We remembered about our grand ole pillow scheme too. The thing is though we really have no more room for pillows in our living room…it’s swimming in them…somehow we have seemed to acquire millions of decorative throw pillows over the months. As our favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, would say upon seeing all of our pillows “They had like forty-fifty pillows on that [couch], didn’t know they were doing that well.”

We already had some fun fabric and zippers and some decorative stuff, so we decided to go ahead and make one anyway..hey it could go on the bed since the couches were already suffocating with pillows.

It was really fun making this project. I really enjoy crafty kinds of things. I also was able to do something new, I had never sewn a zipper on before, so that was exciting. I read a tutorial online on how to do it that made it seem so simple and actually do-able. To my surprise, it really was as simple as they made it seem (that never happens). Something I really liked about her tutorial was that she used tape to hold the zipper on while sewing instead of pins. I was excited about that new idea, just ask Zach.


2 thoughts on “diy zipper pillow case

    • Ya I was excited to try it, it worked well too. I was afraid that pinning the zipper was going to be tricky and possibly bend my pins. Tape made it so much simpler! 🙂


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